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05/09/2021 A Mother’s Influence

● No matter our situation, God has a plan and purpose for your life.

● Mother’s wear more than the mother hat, they are the nurse, physical therapist, speech therapist, transporter, counselor, accounting, spiritual advisor, banker, chef, and the entertainer.

● Ladies have a great responsibility to be an example to their children and grandchildren.

Proverbs 31:26

● The scripture of WOGI (Women of Godly Influence)

● She speaks as a wise woman and is gentle when she is giving out the word.

Proverbs 31:30

● We are so quick to bring out scripture, but do we have scripture or the word in you?

● When we allow the word to get in us, this is how we become a virtuous woman

○ Proverbs 31

2 Chronicles 22:3-4

● Women are great influencers; they can inspire you to do good or do bad.

● When you don't have the spirit of God, their lives evil work; and you don't know how far you will go when you are not connected to God.

● As mothers you have to be very careful because you sway your children to do good or bad.

● When you are asking God to save your children, there are certain things a mother has to do. You can’t expect the blessings of God without a relationship with God and be inn His word. You have to be in the right position with Him.

○ There are times when we allow our children to go too far, it is hard to change them. But God asks us, how do you expect me to do what you want me to do when you allow him to do what he wants to do?

○ Mothers may ask God to save their children and you as the mother are in the way.

○ As mothers you will need to take a stand in your home and anoint your home! This something you have to do!

○ When God has a purpose for your life, He will only let you get so far away from the calling.

Proverbs 14:1

● We can destroy good work and the progress in our household by acting in the foolishness of our own flesh.

● The house of a wise woman home is built on the foundation of Jesus Christ. That means internal comes from the spirit of God. It is the spirit of God that rests, rules, and abides in a wise woman’s home.

1 Peter 5:8

● The enemy has a mission, and this includes a foolish woman to tear down her home. How? Because she allows everything to go on in her household and the children are running the home.

● When we tear down our children with our words, we are tearing down our home. Words do hurt and they become hurting men and women. We want to tell them to get over it you are grown, but it is a process.

● We tear down our home with laziness. Start having short prayers and God’s word is not a priority in our lives.

○ Be specific with God in your prayers over your children.

● It shows when you have torn down your house! Think about our children today who are dying.

● God has a strategy and a plan but the mothers must follow it to the T.

● The blessings are going to be in your obedience!

Proverbs 22:6

● We can take our wisdom from Ruth and Naomi's story.

● A wise woman begins to build her home and impart wisdom into her children. A child may stray away but when their backs are against the wall, they come back.

2 Timothy 1:1-5

● There should never let a day go by that you don't lift up your children before the Lord. It is our duty as mothers to leave our children an inheritance. May that be money or spiritual, leave your children something to stand on.

● Inheritances are passed down from generation to generation. Timothy’s grandmother Lois was the first to believe in God and passed this down to her children and her grandchildren.

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