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04/20/2021 Restoration

● We have all been in places where we have been broken and needed a healing, we have all been in a place where we need restoration for His purpose.

○ Whatever you are praying for in restoration, it will be what God wants.

● We must repent and acknowledge God’s way and His glory

○ Repentance puts us back in right standing

● Psalm 23

● 2 Chronicles 7:14

● Psalm 51:10

● 2 Samuel 9:7

○ If God wants to do something for you, it does not matter where you at, orn what you look like.

● 2 Kings

● Jeremiah 30:17

● What we have to do to restore

○ Romans 10:9- We must believe

○ 2 Corinthians 6:17- We must make a change

○ Matthew 6:33- We must seek God

○ Proverbs 3:5-6- We must trust God

○ Malachi 3:8- We must give our tithes and offering

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