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05/04/2021 Preparing to Receive

● In the life of a believer, it depends on the work of the Holy Spirit.

John 15:1-2; 5-6

● The indwelling comes when you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Some call this regeneration and others may call it born again.

● The function of the Holy Spirit is to help you to be Christ like. (Galatians 5:22-23). And to induce you with power for the ministry (Acts 1:8).

● We aren't able to leave this life or a match for the enemy without the help of the Holy Ghost.

John 3:1

● There was something missing in Nicodemus' life and it created shame. What he was missing was the power of the Holy Ghost.

○ We can be the same way; the world would use us up and create shame in our life. The only way to combat this and win, is with Jesus!

● After you have given your life to Jesus, it just doesn't stop there.

● John 7:38-39

○ Here Jesus is talking about the Holy Ghost. For when the enemy comes in to steal, kill, and destroy, but the Holy Ghost will raise up a standard.

● The indwelling occurs when we first believe that we are born again; this only occurs one time. There is no way that should ever be questioned. When Jesus comes into our lives as Lord and Savior the spirit takes residence within us.

● If you don't have the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you are not complete until you receive the baptism. You have the indwelling, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, this will keep you until you receive the baptism-but you must stay around the church. The completeness comes when you have been baptized.

2 Corinthians 5:17

● Every born-again believer should memorize this scripture. After being born again, the enemy will try to bring up your past, making you think you aren’t what you know you are. But you have to know you are!!

● God rewrites your narrative! After God has changed your nature, you must receive His power.

● The indwelling does not indicate direction in life, but position in life. Now that you are born again, you have become His child.

○ John 3:16 This indicates that you are God’s creation, but it is not until you have accepted Him as your Lord and Savior, is when you become His child.

○ We put emphasis on drinking, cussing, smoking, but there are other things as well that need to be worked on, and everything does not leave right off initially.

● The plan of Salvation includes repentance, water baptism, and the Holy Ghost. This equals to the death, the burial, the resurrection of Jesus Christ. This is complete deliverance of body, soul, and spirit. This is why we have to be born again, because of our sinful nature.

Luke 3:15

John 14:16-19

● John 16:33; Jesus was on a mission and He had to leave. When you have given your life to God, there will be some problems. But Jesus has sent back a helper and advocate to lead you and guide you to bring all things back to your remembrance.

Luke 24:47-49

Acts 2: 1-3

● Pentecost means 50 days after the passing. The church was birthed on the day of Pentecost. The Holy Ghost was sent so the church will have the power to operate, witness, and endure.

Read John 7:37-38

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