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02/21/2021 - People of Color

● People of color didn't start just now, there were people of color in the 1600’s and way before them, that came down through the lineage of Jesus. People of color have always existed. We were on the scene before receiving the “great white hope.”

● We need to know about our Biblical Black History! When you understand your history, you can better understand your approach.

● The only way they were able to make it through their slavery experience is becuase they understood Jesus.

○ They were only the population of people that could be shackled, spit on, beat on, and still singing Amazing Grace. \

● People of color were the only ones who had not intentionally crucified Jesus.

● Racism has always existed, but we are able to stand through Christ because of people of color before us have paved the way.

Genesis 10: 6-8

● The descendants of Ham are the people of color.

● This is after the flood, and God allowed the generations to be birth.

● Nimrod was a King of Color.

● When we are absent from our history, it impacts our self-esteem such as not believing that we are intelligent consequently putting ourselves down. We should understand where we come from, knowing that we are intelligent people, and shouldn't put ourselves down.

○ Psalm 24: 7-10

Acts 8: 26-33

● When you are talking about Ham, Kush, Canaan, these are all people from Ethiopia which are people of color.

● There was a woman of authority of color within this scripture,

1 Kings 10:1

● Queen of Sheba- Another person of color.

Numbers 12:1


● Haggai was a maid servant of Abram who was a person of color

Matthew 10:4

● Simonn was the first black or man of color apostle

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