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6/1/2021 - What Are You Holding On To In Your Hand?

O’ Taste and see what the Lord has done! Everyone has been blessed and we all are overcomers by God’s grace.

Who is first!!!

In the ballgame there is 1st, 2nd, and 3rd and ran all the way home.

Testimonial services

What are you holding on too and what is in your hand? Holding on can be good or bad, it is good when you are holding on to your faith. God filled the whole group in the upper room with His spirit. We are currently in the place of need:

· He gave us faith to believe in our needs.

· You can determine if you have little faith or big faith.

· You can become fearful even though you know the Lord.

How many know what a trigger finger- I was afraid to go to the doctor to have to have a needle stick me. But with faith I can go boldly knowing that God is in control and your faith is strengthen. The natural side of the World is shaking however there is also shaking in the spiritual realm. Faith is the size of a mustard seed, and it produces GREAT Faith. What do you have in your hand? It is a bag no it is a mustard seed inside the bag. Many of you did not see the seed you just saw the bag.

When we drive our cars, we move forward we do not consistently view what is in the rear of the vehicle. We are God’s children and we do not fly low with the chickens or pigeons, but we soar high with the eagles. The higher we soar the smaller the problems appear. Have you ever looked out the window while on a plane? The higher up you go. the smaller the things below appear.

God is represented by the bag in which the seed is placed. In Matthew 17:1-14, was the Transfiguration on the Mount. Jesus did not take all the disciples with Him, Peter, James and his brother John were who went up the mountain with Him. When you are up on top of the mountain you are on an extreme high. When you return to the bottom of the mountain you feel low. When you were in the world you saw that many would drink alcohol to escape their problems. However, when you come down from that high you are faced with life challenges.

When you experience the anointing of God, do not come down from your high. We should continue in the Spirit, even in the midst of your troubles. When the Spirit is moving in the house, we should not be spectators, because he is doing a news thing and it can include you. We want more! We want to keep the buzz. Remember he has given us wings to soar like an eagle. Eagles stand strong and ready for battle. Because of whom you are, I give you glory.

They came down to the crowd, a man approached Jesus and knelt before him.

Verse 19- Then the disciples came to Him privately and asked why they couldn’t cast out the demons and Jesus replied, “Because of your disbelief- if you have faith the size of a mustard seed.”

We need to take some Aleve and leave it with God. We are like the Ever-Ready bunny we should keep on going and going and going! We cannot remain in the same place as you were. Plug into the Holy Spirit and we also should be able to discern spirits when they are evil. Shut the evil spirit down:

1. No longer will the spirit of depression be upon me.

2. No longer will I be entangled with wrong spirits.

3. No longer will the spirit of jealousy be upon me.

Come knowing that you are receiving the Holy Spirit. Those who are sitting under God’s word cannot remain in the same sin.

One day God healed us, broke us and he gave us the Holy Spirit down inside of us. God wants us to be filled! Believe that God’s promises are true. Believe it, receive it, and you shall have it.

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