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05/23/2021 This is Your Exodus

Exodus 3:7

● God loves his people and will use his own body to deliver us. He said He seen our afflictions, heard our cries, used His heart to understand our sorrows, and reached out His hand to deliver us.

● God will deliver us out of a place that is not good for us and that we have no place being in. God will bring us out from some amongst some people we have no business hanging around and those places, and then where God takes you, will be large!

Exodus 6

John 11

● When God loves His people, God will go to the most dangerous places for you. There are times that we may feel like we are by ourselves, but we are never by ourselves with God.

● Sometimes we can talk ourselves out of a blessing, when we want to debate with God when He is attempting to take us beyond our need.

○ We must come out of ourselves not going to God thinking that we already have the problem worked out.

● Your healing and deliverance isn’t where you think it is. If you are dirty you have to do down where you are familiar with. You still have some hidden iniquities that God needs to reach.

● When Mary went to God she fell unto his feet. She realized that when going to God we have to go naked, in complete vulnerability, moving our attitude and pride out the way.

○ When a mass is called to the altar there may be 2 people up there that are doing the same thing, both came to the altar, both have their hands raised, but one heart is going to be more sincere, one is able to go a little deeper.

○ When Mary came to Him with a different attitude, emptying out herself to Him, HHe was willing to move for Mary.

○ When you cry out to God with a humble heart, this moves Him

● God will delay on purpose for His purpose when He doesn't come in your timing and in your situation moving immediately.

○ God’s intentions are gracious, even in His delays.

● If Jesus can raise the dead, surely He could have told the stone to move out the way; but God knows that there are times that we need others to help us with our deliverance.

● God wants us to see how powerful we are, that when we speak out of our mouths how you can encourage yourself out of a situation.

● Jesus cried out and Lazarus came forth

○ Lazarus had a relationship with God, he was His friend, and Lazarus heard the call and came forth, but there was something still wrong with Lazarus. Jesus said loose him. Just because you enter into the church and you have a relationship with God, you can still be bound.

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