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5/30/2021 - God Will Meet You Where You Are At

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

Luke 17:11-19

The story of the ten lepers is where Jesus cleanses the outcast, that were being judged by society. Society’s says that the outcast cannot get to Jesus. Moses married an Ethiopian woman which would have considered Moses an outcast. The Lord spoke suddenly unto to Moses, Aaron and Miriam, come out ye thee unto the tabernacle of the congregation. And they three came out. The bible reflects that 1 Chronicles 16:22 “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm.” David knew the importance of being connected to the spirit of God. He said, “cast me not away from your presence and take not thy Holy Spirit from me (Psalm 51:11). “Wow” to those whose spirit is taken from them. When you talk about God’s people it is sinful and you are disconnected from God.

· When you have a need, you should be connected to someone who has been through what you are experiencing.

All 10 Lepers had the same issue, we all have the same issue. We need God! When he saw them, he said to the Lepers “Go and go to the priest.” The priest was the one who had authority to judge Lepers as it was a process. In the process of our going through by God’s grace & mercy that cleanses us we are set free.

When you think about the various cycles you have on your washing machine:

· Delicate cycle is a light load, minimal water pressure and agitation of the machine. As Christians here is where we are when new in Christ. We are beginning to read his word and understand the need for prayer.

· Casual cycle is a regular wash, medium water agitation and the spin cycle was more intense. Here we casually spend time with God, not seeking the fullness of a relationship with Him.

The Lepers had the same need however just like the wash cycle it takes different levels to operate in God’s will. There were 10 Lepers however only (1) returned to give gratitude and to seek more from God. When God does something for you, there should be a praise that comes from the inside. It will not matter where you are at, you will just praise him abundantly.

· Psalm 107:14 “He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death and brake their bands in sunder.”

· Nahum 1:13 -Here the people of Nineveh is being instructed to be obedient to God’s word in order to be set free. You must come to God – now go and preach the Gospel.

I thought about the movie Forest Gump – There was always positive affirmations he heard:

· Miracles happen everyday

· You are somebody

Forest focused on the positive and thought outside his circumstances. The race is not given to the swift nor the strong but to the one who endures to the end (Paraphrased Ecclesiastes 9:11). If God is in it, you are sure to win it. Forest Gump looked back and although we are told not to look back, there are times you need to look back to see where God has brought you from. Just as in our message last week, Jesus called out Lazarus that was bound by his legs (God was all in this, he had a plan), Forest Gump was also bound but as he continued to run his legs were no longer bound. God will set you up! You must be loosed when walking with God. When the enemy sets you up you are shackled. If you remember in last weeks message Mary needed more than what Martha needed so she fell at Jesus feet, while Martha did busy work. In today’s scripture we see one of the ten Lepers (vs. 16) fell at Jesus feet giving thanks. This act showed true worship- humble position as he was a Samaritan.

· Third cycle is the heavy cycle, super wash that includes more agitation and deep cleansing. The nine got rid of the weight but the one not only got rid of the weight and sin. II Corinthians 4:17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and external weight of glory. The one looked at his affliction and affliction builds strength/ affliction results in a testimony. The nine were worried about society where the one was concerned about his soul. He wanted to be washed and cleansed in the heavy cycle, as his life outside of God was spinning out of control.

It is in your praise deliverance will come (Jeremiah 17:14). The nine only wanted “mercy” but the one wanted to ask God for what he needed mercy and deliverance, instead of what we have. God wants us to come back with gratitude. Luke 17:18 Out of all the (10) that God showed mercy, only (1) returned and he was a foreigner. God saved the Samaritan that did not know Him, who was also considered and outcast. The seed was planted, and it took root in this Samaritan. We know that Solomon was richly blessed as he had everything a man could possess, however he knew he could possess more and as he asked for more wisdom it was granted.

Matthew 16:15 – He said to them, “But who do you say I am?” Jehovah Jireh, Morning Star, Jehovah Nissi, wheel in the middle of a wheel, etc., the Lord does not give up on you, remember that nothing can be done outside of God.

In the journey you are stretched and by your faith, you are made whole. The Samaritan needed cleansing, mercy and grace that is why he owed God a praise.

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