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3/14/2021 - Martha and Mary

● Sometimes we get distracted because there is not a love and craving for God.

Luke 10: 38-42

● Take the time to enjoy the Lord.

● The Spirit is quickened. Timing and position is very important. Whatever it is that you are working on, that can wait when it comes to God.

● Jesus reminded Martha that she was worried about the wrong things. And Mary had chosen the good part, to love God in spite of.

● Have you chosen the good part?

● It is not by works that you are saved, for Grace is Jesus.

● It doesn't matter if the enemy comes in like a flood, he can't take the love that God has for you.

Isaiah 40:31

● When you have the love of God down on the inside, you will be able to bring Heaven to Earth.

● When you love somebody, you call on their name constantly. Can you talk about Jesus the way that you talk about your loved one?

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