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3/2/2021 - Don't Allow Anyone to Tell Your Story/Testimony

● When asking where are you from, this goes beyond a location. The question is referring to your background. Single or 2 parent home, education or uneducated, street life, shelter life, wealthy, or poverty?

● Our past is already predetermined; and there is nothing that you have done or haven't done to create life circumstances.

○ Jeremiah 29:11

■ God’s intention is not to harm you or hurt you, it is all for His glory; including using His story

● Along with our family history, pains, and joys, the Bible also points out human challenges

○ Samson was lustful

○ Jacob was lier

○ Moses was a murder

● All our hurts, disappointments, and hurts that we cause others, God is still able to use us!

1 Samuel 16: 10-12

● David was looked down upon because of his appearance. Jesse had other sons that appeared to be more qualified.

● God knew at the very moment that He chose David, his life would not be absent of any challenges

● David committed adultery and murder.

1 Chronicles 21: 14-17

● David sent 70,000 men to their death.

● And even though out of David’s history, God was still able to use David to determine his destination

Acts 13:22

● David went down in history as the man after God’s own heart

● Experiences that one goes through is not to be ashamed of or to not learn from. These experiences come for one reason, these experiences are to help others through their experiences.

● Continuing to live in the past, with the good, bad, and indifference will cause you issues in your present and future life.

● Pastor reminds us that the 10 year, 20 year, 30 year, of pain, heartache bitterness, hatefulness to let it go.

○ Don’t forget your past or where you come from, but stop living in the past!

○ This is where a lot of generational curses come from because we can't stop living in our history.

● What if David dwelled in his own pain? He would lack repentance, faithfulness, and respect for God

● Please read Psalm 51, this is the repentance chapter

● Holding onto the past will cause you to lose out on your blessing. Your path is simply God’s doing. It is your story, don't pause it, don't stop it in the middle, because that will put a hole in your story.

● Our Saviour does not make mistakes, and we are not put in situations that we either aren't prepared to handle or He is absent from us. No matter where you are from, do not be ashamed of your past. Don't live in your past, embrace your past, grow from your past, learn from your past, and don't let anyone tell your story!

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