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3/21/2021 - Renewing of the Mind

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Proverbs 23:7

● Thinking determines outcome more than anything. Children of God should be paying attention to their thinking more than anything else, we should no longer pay attention to Stinking Thinking.

● When we open up our minds and think about things of God, we open ourselves up to God.

● This is shown through your expression of praise and not being lukewarm.

○ We should be pondering on love and kindness.

● We should be set apart in all that we do including our thinking and how that influences the way we act.

Psalm 18:2

● God tells us that He is with us, working in the church with us!

● In opposition, in adversity, when you know you are doing right, hold onto God hands

James 1:8

● Either you are working for God or you are not. Either you are serving God or you are not.

● We are double minded when we approach conflict with the wrong things, we embrace God when we allow him to penetrate our thoughts.

Mark 10: 17-22

● People should be able to see you and know that you are different. This helps us to be mindful about what we say or do anything. We should be asking God before doing anything, before saying anything.

● When you are willing to be different and walk away from things that don't represent God.

● Are you willing to follow God and Pastor’s mission or are you wanting to follow your own?

● Do you have the heart of acceptance?

● When you are leading youth, you have to ensure that you are walking your talk. It is hard to show them the truth when you are saying one thing and doing another.

● A lot of the time, it is strongholds that keep us from forgiving or acknowledging your peers into church. Any leader in the church should be feeding into the young people; but you can't give them something that you aren't giving it to yourself.

● It is no different with our walk with Christ than sitting in a classroom. When we aren’t on top of our word and studying our word, we fail His test.

○ This is why the leaders are so diligent into preparing the church, because when you go on the outside of the church the tests come.

  1. We must relent

    1. We must protect our minds and our hearts from stinking thinking.

    2. We must protect ourselves from pride, jealousy, and not being humble.

  2. We must repent

    1. We must get away from our own thinking and allow God to take hold of our thoughts.

    2. When you take away something you replace it with something. If you are taking away the worldly things, then replace it with God’s word and His relationship.

  3. Remove

    1. Remove ourselves from situations that aren't feeding us.

2 Corinthians 10:5

● God is in position to clean the house. He removes lies that the enemy tells us that causes stinking thinking.

Matthew 12: 5-7

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