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01/31/2021 - Come Forth and Live Again

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

1/31/2021 Come Forth and Live Again

● The fast that we are getting where to go on something will happen for you. The things that you have been toiling with will soon come to pass, but before something happens for you something has to happen in you.

John 11

Ezekiel 37:1-10

● Some of us have been in the valley too long and have allowed our bones to dry up. But Jesus is able to give life back to our old dry bones, and He has given us this authority according to Luke 10:19.

● Some of you all have been in dead areas and see no hope. But there is hope.

○ The joy of the Lord is your strength. When we are talking about joy, it’s not just about smiling, but experiencing joy on the inside.

● You may see some things that aren't working for you or have some things that may have you bound, but you have to know that who the Son has set free, he is free indeed.

● He wants your spirit man to be filled with life and power. You have to hear yourself and speak unto your mountains! God wants to hear from you!

● What are you going to say about the dry bones in your life? - I can live!

● There is no hopeless case with God, the dead things in your life can live and He will resurrect it. It is time to live!

○ God’s children don't have to be bound because God’s people believe in God. The dry areas in your life, there is life.

● You speak life over your family, you speak life over your finances.

● When you call Jesus on in your control of your situation, then you must let go of the control of our situation; and when you do that, He will make it live again. We understand that life brings trials, troubles, and tribulation, but when you let go and let God in- it may seem foolish to shake the devil off, but you got to know that the devil understood. Because there is life in those situations, resurrection, that you didn't see your way out. Before you go on the 21 day fast, God needs you to be lighter.

● You are already victorious; God needs you to see it before it comes. Nothing will happen until you say something. When words go out, they will accomplish. Speak it before it comes!

John 10:10

● You may be in the valley of dry bones, but God comes so that you may have life! `

In the alley of dry bones. We prophesized, we shook the devil off, ow he says come forth and live.

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