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04/25/2021 Matters of the Heart

● God will allow a catastrophe to come in to get the attention of His people. But God always has a ram in the bush.

● When Micah came on the scene, the people didn't trust him. He was wrapped up with the thoughts of the government. Sometimes when we are too wrapped up with the people who are straddling the fence, and it makes it hard for those who are truly standing right.

● Micah 2:12-13

○ Jesus tears down, breaks down our stone heart. God has already broken up the dark stuff that is in our life. God has to tear down our hearts to put in something new.

● Joel 2: 12-13

○ Allow your heart to be broken.

○ God is merciful and gracious, meaning that yet while we were in our sin, God loved us and held back the consequences that we deserve. God watched us in our sin and didn't take us out, He gave us time.

● Psalm 34 17-18

○ Are you souled out to God? Have you opened your heart to him?

○ God will deliver you out of all your troubles!

● Psalm 51:17

○ You have to be broken in order for God to use you. You cannot come with your own ways, in your own will, and with your own self. You have to be broken

○ The sacrifice of God is of a broken spirit and contrite heart.

○ God can’t use a heart that won’t admit that our heart isn't right or as if we are already alright.

● Psalm 51:10-11

○ David realized I need a clean heart, and asked God to not stop the process.

○ When your heart isn't right there is no restoration unless the heart is right. We cannot build outside of God’s presence and David realized that without God he will fall

○ When the heart is right, your desires are right.

● Psalm 16:11

● Zephaniah 3:17

○ God is our mighty savior and has already given us victory.

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