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05/02/2021 Keep on Knocking

Matthew 7:7-8

● Sometimes we ask and it may not happen right then, because He realizes that we aren't ready, or who you may be asking for is not ready. But this doesn't change that we should keep on asking.

● It is not enough to just ask and seek, but we must keep knocking in order to get His attention.

○ Knocking is hatching. We want God to do for us, but we don't want to do anything for Him.

● Door Knocking-Faith

○ Hebrews 11:6

○ Just by you continuously knocking, somebody has been set free. Somebody needs your knocking!

● Asking is verbal but you have to use your mouth to petition God, and use your eyes to seek God.

Acts 12:11-19

● It was the knock at the door that allowed deliverance to take place.

● When you are knocking right, you are going to get God’s attention! When you keep on knocking, God will send His ministering angels.

● When you are knocking you are praying for deliverance in persistency.

● It doesn't matter how bad it look for your loved one, you keep seeking, asking, and knocking.

○ They may have gotten a little hard hearted, that they want to end their relationship with God or the church, however this thing comes with faith. You have to keep knocking even if you don't see it. You have to believe it.

○ Sometimes we give up too fast because we don't see it happening right away. Quit giving up so fast. You have to have determination that in spite of what is going on, you will keep on asking.

● We must know God’s voice and have faith in God doing it. We don't have to be there to witness the deliverance, we should just know His voice and know that they will be okay.

● You may have just been praying and calling out their name, but you have to be persistent in praying for their deliverance.

○ Don't give up your effort in putting your family back together. Sometimes you may be the only one saved in the family, you may be the only Bible that some people will ever read. God will need somebody who is willing to keep knocking at the door!

● You have to keep on knocking, don't give up on them or give in. In your knock, you must be transparent even with your loved one. This includes since you were saved, not just when you were in your sin.

The stronger your belief is the stronger your prayer. That's why He said faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Romans 10:17). You won't be any more powerful than the word that is down in you, and once you get the word down in you, it will increase the power of your prayer.

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