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04/11/2021 You Choose Heaven or Hell;What’s In Hell For You?

● There is nothing in Hell for you, if you listen.

○ You can be in church and have a hellish spirit or a Jezebel spirit. There are some ways of yours that are not pleasing to God.

○ Lay down the lying, back biting, control, doing it your way

● People may wonder why you have this going on or that going on, because there are consequences for straddling. God is a good God and a God of forgiveness, and He is also a God of judgement.

Ezekiel 33:11-18

● In order to take God out of the box, we have to do some choosing today. Be like King David on today and ask God to search you.

Matthew 12:45

● When you let go of something and pick it back up, the devil comes back seven times stronger. But what is possible is that you can get delivered and stay delivered.

● It is time to make a choice and stop running in and out with your salvation.

Amos 3:3

● You can't walk hand and hand with God and the devil at the same time. You have to agree with God and God alone.

Proverbs 14:12

Luke 11:23-26

● There is a conflict between God and the devil. If a person is not on God’s side, he/she is on Satan. There is no neutral Ground

Joshua 24:15

● Exercise your power of choice. Always have freedom to choose. You can select joy over despair, love over hate, forgiveness over revenge, and select growth over stagnation.

John 14:6

2 Peter 2: 20-22

● Our salvation does not depend on what we do, but on what Christ has already done for us. We must never become complacent and heed to many the many warnings in scripture.

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