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2/14/2021 - Walk the Talk

02/14/2021 Walk the Talk

Isaiah 29:13

● You can say you love the Lord with your mouth, but the world has a saying, “talk is cheap.” What is happening today is a lot of lip service, saying with your mouth you love God, but with our hearts we don’t show it.

● People that are coming in need to see examples of people that have went through and still holding on. This is why your testimony is important. People can hear what you have been through, but people need to SEE you walking it out. Walking out your faith putting God on display. When you walk the talk, your labor should show some fruit.

○ Some of our family members are watching our walk, not listening to what you are saying.

● It is time out to stop living double lives!

● You have to position yourself, because not only do you never know who is watching you but you never know who SEE you. Just by living the life with all the hell that you have been through; your life can help somebody.

○ You can be an example to somebody else and draw a whole family or a nation

● If you aren’t walking what you are talking, it won't take people long to see it. Even a sinner man or woman can SEE when you're not walking what you are talking.

● All this is saying that you have to act and agree on what you are saying. True Christianity is your walk!

○ True Christianity is not the suit you have on, or the car you drive, or the house you have, or the job you have, but true Christians is about walking what you talk- saying what Jesus said.

● Your input will establish your output. When you start walking what you talk, then it will go out and conquer. People will know that you are walking what you are talking, and then will follow, because then they will recognize it was nobody but God that was able to change your life.

○ When you are not walking the talk, then you can cause someone else to stumble. This is why it is important to live the life!

● The God you serve can and will keep you. The problem is that when you are talking but your heart is not in it.

Romans 14:12

John 15:16

1 Peter 2:21

Galatians 6:7-8

John 15:19

1 John 2:15

3 John 1:4

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