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01/24/2021 -Don’t Choke and Burn, Come Into the Barn

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

01/24/2021 Don’t Choke and Burn, Come Into the Barn

  • The Mouse Trap

    • Going back and forth to get the cheese until one night, they get caught in the trap.

  • Toss Across

    • Toss Across= Double Minded

  • Twister

    • Winded up and tangled up in the world, but God is the one to release

  • When we are fighting the enemy, we forget our helmet of salvation

Matthew 13: 19-30

  • We have our own personal adversary

  • Enough is enough! Take back what the enemy has stolen from you.

  • When we are here in church we are able to clap, praise, and have joy in here, but the joy did not take root. We are able to express joy around church and with others, but it did not take root when you go out there

    • What does it mean for joy to not take root, the Word has not taken root in you!

  • Tribulation- Trials/Trouble/Worries/Anxiety/Hardships/Headaches

  • Persecution- Mistreatment/Abuse/Torment

  • Those who sow their seed on good ground, take the word and understand it.

  • The enemy comes in full, those weeds we need to tear out

    • The weeds that make us cry, the weeds that disappoints us.

    • There are times that we then try to change the narrative of what it really is, but it is the same spirit, making up lies.

    • We should rather be in the barn then burn.

  • You didn’t come into the church house, you got back into the ring to fight. You have already won!

Hebrews 4:12

  • Trials are going to be different because they come to teach you a characteristic, patience, kindness, love. But the Lord delivers us from them all!

Isaaihh 43:19

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